Transfer applicant; AppState --- UNC-CH; Chance me?

I am a North Carolina resident currently attending Appalachian State University. I am a sophomore applying to transfer in the fall of 2022, my junior year. I am majoring in Cellular/Molecular Biology and minoring in Chemistry with a 3.89 GPA. I am also a first-generation college student and aged out of foster care at 18. I am a white female.

High school GPA: weighted 3.9, unweighted 3.7
(I am not putting a lot more high school info: I did take several AP courses and college courses in high school, but that is less important I am told since as a transfer Junior year my college work is more relevant.)
College GPA: 3.89 mostly A’s with 2 A-'s and one B+

High school: National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, placed top 10 at state researched persuasive writing and speaking competition.
College: 1 of 2 chosen students by my freshman seminar professor to be a student application reader/reviewer for Watauga Residential College (a type of honors college at apostate)

November 2021-April 2022: Pharmaceutical Development internship with independent research
October 2021- current: Job with apostate rec center
October 2021- current: club sport climbing team member

Strong common app essay about how as a neglected child I lost a lot of time trying to meet my basic needs. As an adult, with less time spent meeting basic needs, I feel like I have been gifted “extra hours”. I uniquely appreciate time and demonstrate this in my essay, concluding that I have gained an understanding that hardships will always arise, but I have the ability to persist and emerge a stronger more resilient person.

chance me?
I just submitted my transfer application to UNC-Chapel Hill as a biology major. What do you think my chances of acceptance are?

Congratulations for all the success you’ve had so far! I’m not very good at transfers, but if UNC has space in its bio program, I think you would stand a good chance. Do you know if biology is an impacted major at Chapel Hill?

I would think your chances are very high. Good luck!

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