Transfer Applicant

Hello Forum,

I’m going to attend National Institute of Technology (NIT) of India. It is safe to say it is the MIT of India. The question is will I be given a higher chance if I applied to MIT as a transfer applicant or perhaps the university one goes to doesn’t really matter? In that scenario, a NIT student would be considered equally the same as, let’s say, a community college person?

Assume Stats (SAT/ACT/GPA) are negligible.


No one can answer your question. But MIT will look to see how well you took advantage of the opportunities available to you.

No doubt NITs are good colleges, however they definately aren’t the best of India. With the excption of top 3 NITs (W,K,T) the others dont have reaaly good rankings.
While Nits arent recognised much globally, IIts are much superior in this category