Transfer Chance Me? Do I have a chance?

I have 12 credits from dual enrollment, and will be taking another 12 in the fall before i apply for transfer.

Expected GPA: 3.98

Applying for: Business


tennis instructor at private school camp

Tennis instructor at (insert tennis club)

High school tennis (first doubles/3rd singles)

Community college tennis team (first singles)

Stated a 12 week non profit tennis camp - funds donated to charity

community college business club (going to shoot for a leadership pos)

Brazilian jiu jitsu blue belt and assistant instructor for kids class

102.5 hours volunteered at local hospital

Started Independent tutoring business for middle school students

I have connected well with practically all of my professors at my cc and would feel confident asking any of them for a rec - will try to get at least 3 rec letters

*I will also be submitting an art portfolio as i heard it shows well roundedness for business/stem students

Honors and awards:

CC deans list

Qualified for NJ state tennis tournament

NJBJJF tournament 175lbs division gold medalist (1st place)

High School tennis team sectional finalists

Assuming I would have solid essays, what do you guys think of this list. Do I have any chance for reaches?




Umich ross






Notre Dame








I’m not clear on your current status…
Are you currently in high school and taking community college classes through dual enrollment? Are you a rising senior or have you graduated high school and are continuing at community college in the fall?

If you have not graduated high school, you will be applying to college as a freshman (even though you may get credit for dual enrollment classes), not as a transfer student.

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I agree with @DramaMama2021

Are you currently a HS student taking dual enrollment college courses…or have you graduated from high school.

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I am a hs senior who will be going to cc next year

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senior, sorry. going to cc next year

I just want to make sure I have this straight… So you are a rising senior in the fall and plan to continue dual enrollment during your senior year?

And now you are asking about your chances of acceptance to 4-year colleges (to begin fall 2023)?

Your HS record will still play a prominent role if you’re applying to transfer as a rising sophomore. Depending on how you do in CC applying as a rising junior could produce better results since schools will have 1.5 years of your college stats to review and your HS performance will take a back seat.

I’d skip Stanford and Princeton: they take very few transfers and those they do skew non-traditional.

Your reaches will be reaches with acceptances in the very low double and single digits. Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Cornell (possibly ND) are the more transfer friendly of that group. Also be aware some schools favor CC applicants and some do not.

You should add more safeties and matches to your list (depending on the state where you’re attending CC, check any articulation agreements between your CC and schools of interest) because as it stands now it is much too reach heavy if your goal is to transfer to a 4 year as a rising sophomore.

Make sure you check the transfer admissions requirements at each school. For example UF requires a minimum of 60 credits (90 if you’re on the quarter system), you apply to a specific major (which also affects how competitive the application process is since some will have more limited spaces available and you need to confirm any major specific requirements/pre-requisites) and there’s a foreign language requirement. In addition, schools may or may not count your HS dual enrollment credits towards the college credit minimums so you’ll need confirm that on a per school basis as well.

Also confirm the standardized testing requirement. Many schools made SAT/ACT scores optional for Fall 21 and 22 transfers but you may need scores for Fall 23 and later.


Going to CC where??

Ahhh. So the OP has just graduated (or is about to) and plans to attend cc freshman year then transfer. Got it. I was unsure if “current senior” literally meant that vs rising senior.

OP, I agree with @vpa2019, especially that your chances for transfer to selective unis are much better as a junior transfer. For sophomore transfer, your in state publics (Rutgers, etc) should be on your list as safeties/likelies.

ETA: I just looked up when NJ public school year ends - June 17. Our state schools get out in May so that led to my misunderstanding.

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And if you are taking dual enrollment courses while in high school…you won’t be transferring. @DramaMama2021 , right?

So please explain how you are taking these CC courses.

If that’s the case, correct.

I’m still a bit unclear if the OP is graduating high school this month and starting cc as a freshman in the fall VS. starting senior year in the fall (with dual enrollment at the cc). If it’s the first scenario, @vpa2019 gave good advice.

I read as the OP took dual enrollment in HS. Will be attending CC for Fall 22 as a freshman and is looking to transfer for Fall 23 to a 4 year.

Hope the OP clarifies!


If you have graduated from HS, and will be attending community college in the fall, your high school record will be the one used IF you transfer after one year…because you won’t have end of year community college grades.

If this is the case, community colleges have transfer advisors. I would strongly suggest you contact them, and discuss your transfer plans with them.


Please share your HS uwGPA, rigor, AP test scores, and ACT/SAT score.

If you are looking to major in business, there are a bunch of schools on your list that don’t have business majors. What will you major in at Chicago, NU, Vandy, Princeton, etc?

ETA Just saw OP’s newer thread providing more details/clarity.

Here’s the other thread with more details.