Transfer Chance me for colleges that meet need (~T 30-100). Thanks guys.

About me:
COLLEGE: Community college (not in cali). Online CC classes if that matters.
DESIRED MAJOR: English or Poli Sci
RACE/GENDER: White male, mega low income
HIGH SCHOOL GPA 3.48 weighted high school GPA with upward trend.
High school EC’s: Part time jobs :stuck_out_tongue:
APs: Lit (5) Lang (4) Psych (4) US History (4) Env. Science (3) US Gov. (3) Macro (2)
COLLEGE GPA: 4.0, 18 total credits, 16 more coming this spring
COLLEGE EC’s: Helped an elderly woman with dementia exercise for ~4 hours a week over a year. Some part time jobs. Presidents honor role every semester. Remote online volunteer for an AmeriCorps program (I wasn’t ACTUALLY enrolled in Americorps I was just helping out).

College transcript:
Fall 2018-
BU205 Business Law I A 3.00 12.00

EC101 Microeconomics A 3.00 12.00

GE101 World Geography A 3.00 12.00

PL104 Ethics A 3.00 12.00

Spring 2019-
EC100 Macroeconomics A 3.00 12.00

SO100 Fund of Sociology A 3.00 12.00

Spring 2020 will include biology, english, something art related, and perhaps history or another english class. I will be getting A’s in these classes which will be reflected on the college mid term report I send out.

Applying to:
Syracuse, BU, BC, William and Mary, Wesleyan, Hamilton, Tulane, Haverford, USC, U of Richmond, St. Olaf, Sewanee, Macalester, Kenyon, Connecticut college, Notre Dame, Perhaps a few more along with a few state schools. PLEASE SUGGEST any more colleges I should apply to or any on this list that are too far out of reach.

My questions: Is an ACT retake worth it? Should I take a super full semester this spring to improve the looks of the required college mid term report? Are there any classes I should take this spring, specifically to make my transcript more appealing?

Are you a VA resident?


W&M does not meet need for OOS stduents.

ACT re-take as a sophomore transfer is probably not helpful for most schools.

You will be applying to come in as a Junior, yes? you need to know what major you are coming in for. “Maybe this or that” is for incoming first years.

I guess I thought I would be applying as a sophomore since I have taken classes pretty sporadically, off and on (only 6 credits spring '19, no classes fall '19 and most have been in preparation for general education requirements at local schools. Obviously I don’t have the credits of an actual junior, right? But am I still counted as one?

And yeah, I understand that. I’ll major in English.

I didn’t add up your credits, & didn’t realize that you hadn’t been full time all 4 semesters- so you may well be coming in as a sophomore.



Syracuse, BU, BC, William and Mary, Wesleyan, Hamilton, Tulane, Haverford, USC, U of Richmond, St. Olaf, Sewanee, Macalester, Kenyon, Connecticut college, Notre Dame, Perhaps a few more along with a few state schools. “

As first and foremost — you must apply — to Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. Imho

High high reach. Wesleyan Hamilton Haverford USC Notre Dame Boston College

High reach.

BU (they are sometimes open to transfers with less perfect profiles than required to be accepted as a freshman)

Conn Coll
St Olaf

And sorry. Because you sound Iike your been working hard and it just really hard to transfer to these schools. OSU and OU offer many of the same opportunities.

A reach to me is more likely a no than an admittance.

Almost all may be financial reaches if you don’t check the cost calculators first.

I would go to OSU or OU in a heartbeat

Not sure on the ACT. But most of the schools you like require a 30 type score and the high high reaches are the 33+ type schools.

Are you “mega low income” enough to qualify for Berea College? If so, that could be a good option - tuition-free, work program to cover other expenses - a high-quality education and a fantastically supportive alumni network.

Other than that, you’ve obviously done your research re: full-need-met schools with reasonable transfer acceptance rates. It’s a reachy list, but that goes with the territory when you’re looking for full funding. This is why having in-state backups is a good idea. It could come down to a decision between transferring now to an in-state school, or putting in another year at CC so as to apply to these full-need-met schools with a more robust college record. But, fingers crossed for you to get a full-need-met offer this year!

Have you been working while taking community college courses?

What would be your plan after getting a bachelor’s degree in English?

How much debt are you taking on? Is there a good university within a reasonable commute from a parent’s home?

I appreciate the response. I will be applying to those state schools, so don’t worry about that. Given what you’ve said (and after doing more of my own research) I suppose I’ll only be taking the time to apply to schools in your “reach” category along with a few others since I can’t be bothered to put hours into essays for schools I won’t get into.