Transfer Chance, Plz!!

<p>Major: Computer science
Current College: a state university ranking about 100
current year: sophomore
credits earned: 59(12 of them were earned from a local community college concurrently)
credits in progress: 18 (all at my current university)
High school gpa:95/100
college GPA: 3.927/4 , 12 credits in cc gpa:4.0
ACT: I have never taken ACT or SAT. I am going to take ACT on Feb.11.
EC: My working experience as a cashier,calculus tutoring, three clubs and associations, academic honors and honors program,Volunteer and some high schools ECs.
Applying to: U of Washington, USC, NYU, UIUC, Utexas Austin, Purdue U, etc.</p>

<p>ps: I am an international student and my TOEFL was taken 1.5 years ago; I got a 84 out of 120, which is terrible, Do I still have a shot at these schools?please chance me thx!</p>