Transfer chance/tips? :)

<p>Hi, all. As many of you know, I'm hoping to transfer out of UCLA and to a different university. I'm planning to apply to other colleges this fall and then do a year of community college back home this next year until I hear back. I have plenty of safety options, but I think I might as well give some "reaches" a chance too. ^_^</p>

<p>I'm new to the idea of transferring so I'd love to hear some feedback from CC users on my chances/tips. :)</p>

<p>High school stats:
*3.86 UW GPA/~4.6 W GPA
*In the top 3% of my graduating class.
*SAT I: 2140 (800 W, 740 CR, 600 M)
*SAT II: Literature - 730, U.S. History - 710
*5 out of 10 AP classes offered taken (AP Lit - 5, AP Lang - 5, APUSH - 5, AP Gov - 5, AP Econ - 4).
*Great letters of recommendation from two of my AP teachers.
*Extracurriculars: Passion for writing shows in all my EC's. Wrote a 200-page novel, 15 episodes of an original TV series (all episodes about 80 pages in length), 2 short films, ~30+ songs, poems, et cetera. Worked on the school newspaper as a staff writer for a year. Also was a member of a student film organization and contributed to several independent films as a writer, cinematographer, actress, creative consultant, et cetera.</p>

<p>College stats:
*Attended UCLA for fall and winter quarter. Didn't attend spring quarter due to medical reasons but will take summer classes at community college.
*Cumulative GPA at UCLA: 3.74 (this will likely raise when I take my CC classes this summer as well)
*One class taken P/NP. Unfortunately, due to my illness (I had to miss half of winter quarter), I probably got a grade of a C in the class I took P/NP. I got two A-'s in my other classes that quarter, however. Would I be able to explain this to the admissions committees? I literally was at home for half the quarter and only returned to take my finals.
*Was a member in several student organizations, but didn't assume leadership roles yet. Still I should mention this?</p>

<p>Georgetown sounds amazing, and it's one of my top choices right now, so any chances/tips would be much appreciated. Thank you! :D</p>

<p>Anyone? :)</p>

<p>I think you have a really good shot. Your gpa is strong, even with your p/np and you can definitely explain that in the application. Georgetown has a pretty low acceptance rate (10-15%), but I think you'll be successful. What other schools are you considering?</p>

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