Transfer chance?

I had 3.3 gpa with 48 credit hrs before 2015, then served the army for 4 yrs
Took some classes while in the army 4.0 GPA with 20 credit hours.

Then got out did 1 more semester at a community college 4.0 gpa with 13 credit hours,
transferred to UIC last fall got 4.0 gpa with 13 credit hours.

I’m taking another semester at UIC, if I get 4.0 gpa with 16 credit hours, I would probably get 3.6~3.65 gpa with 80+ credit hours.

Trying to transfer to CS @ UIUC,

is there still a chance for me?

I do not think that we know for sure. However, anything that you did 5 or 6 years ago seems to me that it will not matter much. Your more recent studies have gone very well.

I think that it is worth an application.

Your academic major may have some impact on your chances.