Transfer Chances After Denying Freshman Acceptance

<p>Colby was the school of my dreams, but somehow, even though with financial aid costs were comparable (within $1,000), my parents convinced me I would be freezing, bored, and alone if I went to Colby. Now I'm at a much larger, public liberal arts university, which is fine, but I'm realizing the student population isn't what I thought it would be and I feel no connection to my surroundings. I know I should give it a fair shot, but I can't help feeling like a made a huge mistake... Do you think being accepted as a freshman will hurt/help my chances as a transfer? I realize how ridiculous this is.</p>

<p>I think if you explained the situation, as you have done here, the fact of turning down the offer the first time wouldn't necessarily hurt your chances. My understanding is that it's quite difficult to transfer, however, because the college is small and not that many students transfer out. On the other hand, it certainly isn't impossible, if you do well where you are now. The most important thing is to give your current school a fair chance--a lot of students find the first months difficult, no matter where they go. If you still want to transfer after you've given it some time, you don't have much to lose by applying. Good luck!</p>

<p>Transfer admission to Colby is quite selective, but because you were previously accepted, that may work in your favor. Definitely keep your grades up where you are now, as that will be a large part of the decision for admission. Applying is the only way you'll know for sure. Good luck!</p>