Transfer Chances at UMich, UNC, UVA

<p>I was wondering if anyone could weigh my chances for transferring to UMich, UNC, and UVA. I'll give some quick stats:</p>

3.93 UW GPA
Rank: 15/497
ACT: 31 (better than my SAT score)</p>

<p>Pretty strong highschool EC's, such as 200+ hrs community service in various organizations, President of Spirit Club (like student council). Ran all of the school's assemblies, talking/performing in front of over 2,000 people each time. Also did many other things to promote school spirit etc.</p>

<p>Participation in numerous other clubs such as:
SADD - Students Against Drunk Driving
CCC - Cougars Committed to the Community (community service organization)
National Honors Society
Young Life (religious youth group)</p>

<p>Many academic awards, earned four different scholarships as well, two from KU, two others. One of them is a scholarship on the national level (Walt Disney Company Foundation Scholarship), with only 25 being awarded in the nation.</p>

<p>Have work experience during highschool, starting junior year. Worked on average 10-15 hours a week during school, about 20 hours a week during the summer.</p>

<p>Also worked as teacher's assistant for the summer after sophomore year (chosen by spanish teacher to do this).</p>

Currently at the University of Kansas, in the Honors Program
Expecting a 4.0 GPA for this semester (the only semester these schools will have for grades when deciding)</p>

<p>Strong writing abilities (35 on ACT english), believe I have very good essays for all of the schools I'm applying to.</p>

<p>I'm looking at all of these schools for their highly ranked undergraduate business programs. Should I shoot even higher? Do I have a chance at schools like UPenn (Wharton)?</p>

<p>anyone? I am really interested how far a 4.0 GPA at KU in the Honors Program will take me. I also have about 30 credit hours from dual enrollment during highschool, and got A's in every one of those classes.</p>

<p>If you pull a 4.0 in at UK w/ strong high school scores, you have a good chance of being able to transfer. Your chances of getting into UMich is probably better than getting in UVa and UNC, but I know that it's easier to transfer into UVa than it is to get in as a regular freshman. (Oops, I meant first-year student.)</p>

<p>I transfered to UMich back in the dark ages with a similar record from a no-name school. I thnk you have a great shot there.</p>

<p>Thanks Globar and garland. What do you guys think about Pennsylvania? Is my 31 act too low? Do they put much weight on act/sat scores for transfer students?</p>

<p>Call each school. Most schools these days don't give a **** about SAT's in transfer admission. In fact, I believe UMich doesn't even ask for your SAT's if you have a certain amount of credits. Regardless, you are in at those 3 schools in my opinion.</p>

<p>UVa accepts around 25/100 first years that apply...and its a good thing u caught urself globalist!...and more around 51/100 that apply as second year transfers</p>

<p>any other suggestions regarding schools i should apply to, or chances I would have at the University of Pennsylvania?</p>

<p>hey sdibisjaslam,
Where did you find this stat??</p>

<p>That statistic isn't correct UVA takes about 39/100 (39%) of first year applicants and about 41/100 (41%) of transfer students. These statistics are aggregate rates for in and out of state. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I actually emailed the U.Va. admission office, asking for spring acceptance rate for transfers. She said they usually accept about 25 for spring, 1000 for fall. Didn't disclose total number off applicants.</p>



<p>If you follow the link I posted above <a href=""&gt;;/a> you will see that they did disclose the number of fall applicants in 2004. 2210 applied and 896 we admitted.</p>

<p>no, look, we were discussing admissions among transfer students (i.e., those who apply to transfer in as second year vs. those who try to transfer in as a third year). This is the statistic that I've never seen offered and was questioning...</p>