Transfer Chances at Wisconsin???

<p>HS Profile:
HS GPA: 3.55
ACT: 32
AP Credits in Psych, US History, English Lang
Both Parents are UW Alumns
Involved in sports, employment, volunteer programs</p>

<p>College (Intending on Legal Studies):
joined a couple clubs, campus job</p>

<p>1st Sem GPA: Possibly Mid 3.4
4cr-Rhetorical Fictions and 20th Century Conflicts-A/B
5cr-German 1003-A/B
4cr-Intro to Astronomy/Lab-B
3cr-History of Rock and Roll-A</p>

<p>2nd Semester
4cr-Intro to American Literature
3cr-Criminal Justice in America
5cr-German 1004
Currently at U of M-Twin Cities</p>

<p>Your help would be deeply appreciated...</p>

<p>UW-M accept about 1/2 their transfers. I'd be surprised if you are not in that chosen 50%.</p>

<p>thanks, do you know if they put a lot of weight on the 1st semester gpa if your just a freshman? looking at the 2006 admission stats, the average transfer gpa was 3.4 and my first semester gpa could range anywhere from 3.18-3.75...</p>