Transfer chances!! Ayudame!

<p>Hi everyone! I'm currently a 2nd year at Cal State Long Beach and I really would like to transfer, but I am not exactly sure of what schools I could realistically get into. What UC's do you think I could get in to???</p>

<p>I have a 3.8 gpa
Volunteered abroad
Teen counselor
Youth Mentor</p>

<p>I'd like to go into social work. I don't know what my chances are at most UC's because I am at a state school....I really appreciate everyones advice! Thanks!</p>

<p>Ha! i knew you were from the socal area the moment i read ayudame. I think you should apply to all UCs, you got a good chance into any of them. I would recommend UCSB...since your in the beach area already and you probably want to maintain it. UCSB is one of the only UCs that i could think of that doesnt weight too much whether your from a CC or a CSU</p>

<p>with a 3.8 you have a pretty good shot anywhere, but UC's have lower transfer raters from CSU. Another issue is that many of you classes will not transfer over to UC's. its best to speak to a councilor.
good luck</p>