Transfer chances for a few schools

<p>hey, i'm a freshman in the honors program at clemson university in south carolina. i'm an engineering student looking to transfer to a more urban campus, and i was wondering what you think my chances are at upenn, columbia, ga tech, umich, cooper union, and carnegie mellon. </p>

<p>my goal is to get a degree in mechanical engineering and study art at the same time to eventually work with aesthetics and mechanics of product or automotive design.</p>

<p>high school stats:
rank 6/380, 1380 SAT, honors/ap classes (3 5's, 4 4's, 3 3's), won awards for visual art, governor's school art summer program, key club, NHS, mu alpha theta, juggling club, young democrats, ultimate frisbee</p>

in the honors college, ~3.7-3.8 gpa, taking 15 hours...taking art courses outside engineering curriculum</p>


<p>any ideas?</p>

<p>Wait and see what your real grades are this year. It's unlikely that you could transfer to any of those places in the middle of freshman year.</p>

<p>In answer to your question, consider whether you could have gotten into those schools last year. Most of the places you mention (particularly Cooper Union) would have been on the reachy side. </p>

<p>Want an engineering school in an urban area? Check out Stevens. For a larger university, consider U of MD.</p>

<p>An interest in automotive engineering suggests U of Mich as your best bet, and it seems like a pretty good shot if you come out of this year with good grades. Too bad Clemson isn't working out... sounds like they are trying to make a big push in the automotive area.</p>