Transfer Chances from UCONN to loyola

I applied to Loyola Maryland last year as a senior. I was accepted with about 16,000 dollar merit. I am now looking to transfer from my current school UCONN School of business. I understand that UCONN is considered to be a “better” school that Loyola but I am not happy there. I finished my first semester with a 3.412. what are my chances of getting accepted to the Loyola business school with a scholarship(maybe even into some type of special program they might have?) I have gotten moderately involved on the UConn campus. I am part of a sorority, part of hall association on campus. in high school I was really involved so I hope they will see my potential for involvement.

If anyone has insight into this or other schools I am looking at for potential Applications(Villanova, Drexel, Fordham, Boston College, George Washington University) please help!

My D just graduated from Loyola. I don’t think they offer very much in the way of merit money for transfers, but give it a try. You definitely will get in. Ironically, I think my D would have been happier at UCONN than she was at Loyola.

Our son graduated LUM Business School in 2017. Great program and he had many job options. Now working in Hartford at the Travelers. I suspect you would get in as a transfer without issue. LUM does have some year to year attrition so there should be a spot. Unsure about the merit $ on a transfer but certainly worth a shot.