Transfer chances from University of Miami to University of Texas Austin, In-State Student 3.0 GPA

I was wondering if someone could give me an idea of my chances of transferring to the University of Texas at Austin from the University of Miami for Fall 2016. I specify the school I’m transferring from because they have comparable acceptance rates and I qualify as an in state student in Texas. I want to transfer from the University of Miami because while I originally came to the school to be an Economics major, Political Science and African American Studies classes have interested me the most, I’m currently double majoring in them and considering adding a pre law track and the University of Texas has superb programs in all of those fields.

HS GPA: 3.4 UW, 3.7 W
ACT: 29
HS Extracurriculars: Student Council Vice President, Secretary of Men of Power (Tutoring and Mentoring Group), Spanish Club, Model United Nations
Awards: AP Scholar with Honor (took 5 APs, received one 5, three 4’s and one 3), 2013 National Spanish Exam Honorable Mention, National Achievement Scholar Program Outstanding Participant
Jobs: Yokozuna, Restaurant (August 2012- Jan 2013), Incredible Pizza (April 2013-June-2013)

College GPA: 3.0, (could get up to 3.25 with Spring Semester grades), was on Deans list for Spring 2015, 4.0 Political Science and African American Studies GPA
Extracurriculars: Member of United Black Students, Member of Canes for Bernie, Member of Economics Club, Member of Debate Club
Jobs: University of Miami Student Center Complex Student Assistant (August 2014-Present), Intern at The Metropolitan Center, an economic and political think that that creates policy solutions specifically for South Florida Issues (August 2015-December 2015), beginning next semester I will be a paid research assistant for the Political Science department at the University of Miami, and I will also begin an internship with the Coral Gables City Attorneys Office next semester
Recommendations: I have a great recommendation from a professor who has been featured in several prominent political science journals and received his graduate degree from Columbia University and I got an A in his class last semester

I know my GPA could be better, but its low mostly because of math classes I took because of my economics major that I didn’t do so well in, math has never been my strongest subject and those classes helped me realize economics wasn’t the major I should pursue, also as I said before I have all A’s in my Political Science and African American Studies classes. I’m hoping my wealth of work experience and good recommendations will balance out my grades.