transfer chances (new to this website, not really sure if this if the correct forum)

<p>Oh well. </p>

<p>Hello all, </p>

<p>I graduated this year and am attending the University of Iowa Honors Program for at least a year. However, my rooming/roommate/other things didn't really work out as I had previously anticipated, so I am-- as of right now, anyways-- interested in applying for transfer after my first year. I know that this is early, but I just would like to see what others think. I would appreciate if all were honest with me; I know my application is far from most of the people's here on this website, but I figured I'd give it a shot. </p>

<p>Dream Schools: NYU, Georgetown</p>

<p>High School Stats: I had a 3.7 GPA, and my school doesn't rank. I did very poorly my sophomore year (like a 3.3 GPA). I have seen other threads where people have said upward trends count; after my soph year I increased from 3.3 to 3.6 and then to 4.09 for my senior year. I (unfortunately) have only taken one AP class, Literature and Composition. I finished the year with a 99.87% A, if that matters. I am hoping for a 4 or 5 on the exam, but you never know.
I have not taken the SAT or any subject tests; however, I took the ACT and scored a 32.
I did very little in terms of extra curricular activities as well.
I played intramural basketball all four years (4 time champion, if that matters), intramural football all four years,
Varsity basketball my junior year,
and participated in the Knowledge Bowl my senior year. </p>

<p>The thing that I feel will separates me from others is my work experience (although I'm not really sure if NYU/Gtown even care). I worked for a trash company for the past 3 years during the summers, allotting over (approximately) 150 hours, if not more.</p>