Transfer chances selective schools

<p>hi im a sophomore who will be transferring this year and i was wondering if anyone could evaluate my chances at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Georgetown SFS, Duke, Brown, UPenn, and Cornell</p>

<p>3.96 to 4.0 GPA (one BS A- under review right now)
1530 SAT
Nationally recognized community college honors program
-Student Gov't VP
-Phi Theta Kappa Prez
-Speech Honor Society Prez
-Student Activites Board member
-Student Ambassador.
-2004 Beacon Competition winner for paper on "Marx's and Rousseau's Views on Inequality" (regional competition for cc students)
-Outstanding Student Service Award
-Phi Sigma Omicron (school honor society
-School Speech Competition, 3rd place
-Nat'l Dean's List
-nominee for All-USA Academic Team (selections not announced yet)</p>

<p>HS: 3.78 GPA, similar amount of awards and activites, and a sport (varsity football)</p>

<p>Thanks in advance for the input!</p>

<p>Just a question, with your great SAT score and hs gpa, how did you decide to attend a community college? Next, the good news is that you have a good hs background, but the bad news is that a high gpa from a community college is not as impressive as one from a top school. I would say to contact the schools you wish to apply and speak to someone in charge of admissions and request transfer information. Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks for the response. the program im in at my cc is a nationally recognized honors program designed for transfer to Ivy and Tier 1 colleges. we regularly send students to Harvard, Yale, Cornell, etc (about 20 students per year out of an average of 85 end up at Ivy league schools, nearly all of the rest at Tier 1 schools).</p>

<p>bump. anyone else have input?</p>

<p>please. anyone. anyone at all.</p>

<p>Northrams, let's be honest, outside of CA where community colleges feed into UCs, there is no such thing as community colleges that feed into good colleges, much less ivies. You seem to have good grades and scores, and may be valued as a football player, so go on that and build a strong application.</p>

<p>ok maybe im lying, but if you dont believe my assertions canuckeh, check out this website:
<a href=""&gt;;/a> </p>

<p>it is the list of schools that members of the class of 2000 in this program at my school were accepted to. i'd give u a more recent class, but unfortunately they have not posted a more recent class on their website. youll have to trust me when i say the 2000 class is representative of all graduating classes in this program.</p>

<p>Id appreciate anyone who could evaluate my chances WITHOUT essentially calling me a liar and making the assertion that the honors program at my cc does not feed into prestigious colleges, when now its clearly proven that it does. im just asking for an evaluation based on my stats here. thanks.</p>


<p>If you were bright enough to actually look into the process without making asanine assumptions, you'd realize that CC students have better reasons for transferring to top schools rather than other students. Ivy to Ivy transfer, for instance, is more difficult than CC to Ivy transfer simply because CC students have tremendously compelling reasons for wanting to further their education at, say, Harvard, than someone who wants to transfer to Harvard from Princeton for other less insightful reasons.</p>

<p>since your current school sends many to higher level schools, advisors at your current school could evaluate your chances more accurately than random students on an internet board.
What does your CC say?</p>

<p>i know that. im just asking for some opinions, as there are some informed people on this board who can give a different perspective.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, most people here are high school students with plenty of misconceptions about the college process. Don't expect much useful info. </p>

<p>A good thing to check out would be transfer statistics. Top schools take very few transfers. Good luck.</p>