Transfer chances Vandy, UVA, UNC, Tufts

<p>Me: guy stuck in a liberal arts college I hate. Applying to much higher caliber selective colleges, though I'm at a decent school. Transferring for math, cs, econ (unsure)
Lots of sports leadership, music, community service in HS; intramurals, service in college
Stellar reccs from both HS and college counselor/prof
Dean's list - 3.7 first semester
HS GPA 3.95 u/w - 4/5 w
SAT 2050</p>

<p>Essays were good, much better than the ones I wrote in HS</p>

<p>Do I have a shot at a transfer to these? I really want combo smart student body/great social scene. Also applying to a few other places where I should have a pretty good chance at acceptance. Really want Vandy, UVA, UNC, Tufts</p>