Transfer Chances w/out EC's from College

<p>Hey! I'm currently a freshman at Suffolk University and I want to transfer out for Fall 2012 (or 2013, if need be!). One of the main reasons why I'm transferring is that there are very, very few active clubs/EC's to join at Suffolk. I'll have 33 credits at the end of the year. I want to major in Communications/Media; most likely with a focus of Public Relations. I'm also interested in Film (screenwriting and studies) and Political Science. </p>

<p>Current GPA (from 1st semester): 3.86/4.0
HS: 3.5/4.0
I took all the available honors courses at my HS (they didn't offer AP).
Tons of EC's from the last two years of HS including: Theatre, Choir, FBLA, Student Gov., Youth & Gov., National Honors Society, Piano/Voice performance.</p>

<p>SAT: 1800 </p>

<p>I'm considering applying to:
American U (got in before)
Boston U (got in before, couldn't afford)
Marymount Manhattan
Fordham </p>

<p>I've decided that I'm going to pay whatever is necessary for the education that I want. I'm already paying waaay too much at Suffolk for the quality education I'm receiving. I made the mistake of turning down AU and BU before because I had to pay 25k instead of the 13K I'm paying at Suffolk. Definitely a huge regret of mine.</p>

<p>How, just exactly do you propose to come up with the money to cover that difference in cost? Can your family pay it without loans? Can you find a job where you will make that much?</p>

<p>Sit down with whoever is helping you pay for your education, and sort out the money issues before you do anything else. Don't neglect to take into consideration the probability that any place you are accepted as a transfer will not offer you as much financial aid as they would offer an incoming freshman.</p>