Transfer chances

<p>I know this has been asked numerous times but I just can't help it. I want to know if I have a shot at getting into Fordham. It's my dream to attend school in New York City. Right now I have just finished up my 1st year of college. I spent my first semester at SUNY Morrisville, and then later transferred to Broome Community College to save some money. I also transferred to Community so I could live at home and work part time while attending school. From what Iv read on Fordhams web site, they want both high school and college transcripts. This is what bothers me the most about applying. I have done very well my first year of college, but my high school grades were below Fordhams standards. My biggest question is how seriously they look at what I did in high school. Do they pay more attention to my college grades? I ended up with a 3.6 GPA my first semester at SUNY Morrisville, which put me on the deans list. My GPA the next semester at BCC was a 3.81, and I made the presidents list there. I averaged somewhere in the low 80's in my 4 years of high school, and made the honor roll twice. I didn't take the most rigorous classes in high school, but I did do well on all of my regency exams at the end of each year. I didn't really give too much effort while I was in high school, but I have turned it around ever since I started college. My current major right now is liberal arts, and I have completed 31 credits. Some of my stats are listed below.</p>

<p>SUNY Morrisville stats</p>

<p>Politics and government - A</p>

<p>Sociology - A</p>

<p>College Writing - A</p>

<p>Intro to Algebra - B (math is not my best subject)</p>

<p>European History - B</p>

<p>Broome Community College stats</p>

<p>Psychology - A</p>

<p>American History - A</p>

<p>Criminal Justice Administrative - A</p>

<p>Criminal Investigations with lab - A</p>

<p>Effective speaking - A</p>

<p>College Writing 2 - B</p>

<p>As far as extra curricular activities go, I am lacking in that department because I work so much. I do however have 30 service learning hours, take MMA and boxing classes, volunteer work at my local church, sports when I was in high school, and a few other things I just can't think of right now. I will post more details after I get some feedback. </p>

<p>So does anyone think I have a good chance? Answers will be very appreciated.</p>

<p>Anyone got anything?</p>

<p>Can someone please help me out?</p>

<p>It all depends on how many transfer students apply and how many Fordham is willing to take in each year, dependent on the existing class size. My brother transferred into the Lincoln Center campus with like a 3.7 from Baruch in 2008, but he also had an A- GPA in high school as well as 1850 on the SAT's. Fordham has since then gotten more and more competitive each year. Perhaps, applying as a transfer student to the Lincoln Center campus rather than the Rose Hill campus may give you a better chance, since less students are competing for spots there. Other than that, your GPA looks good (not sure how competitive Morrisvile is or how Fordham views it). Give it a shot...good luck!</p>

<p>I think that virtually every college, not just Fordham, will look at your HS record/SATs if you are transferring, especially when it is after only one year of college -- one year of academic performance is not enough for a school to base an admissions decision on. Good luck.</p>

<p>Fordham isn't asking for my SAT scores. They just want my high school grades and college transcripts. My high school average was around a B-, which isn't too bad I don't think. If I were to transfer to Fordham I think I would be going to the Lincoln center. I'm interested in Fordham's pre-law program, so I'm not sure exactly where that would put me. I'm planning on applying to Fordham, Syracuse, and Binghamton University. Hopefully I get accepted to at least one of those schools. Binghamton I shouldn't have a problem, but I'm not positive about the other two. Thanks for the info though, I appreciate it.</p>

<p>I can't really say exactly how competitive SUNY Morrisville is. It is a SUNY school, and it is a 4 year college that offers bachelors degrees depending on what your major is. I'd say it's probably about as competitive as most of the other SUNY schools. I don't really know for sure though.</p>

<p>Fordham accepts almost any transfer student who doesnt need housing or finaid. They will lie through their teeth about how many credits they will accept. You will never graduate in 4 years. They will say one thing when they accept you, and then another AFTER you turn down other schools.</p>

<p>Despite what kayf says, I am an incoming transfer student for fall 2011 and i had all of my credits transferred. That being said, Fordham's administrative department is horrible. For housing I called a bunch of times and each time i was given a new excuse for why it was taking so long to find out where i was going to be living and thats just the tip of the iceberg. Be prepared to deal with that if you get accepted and decided to transfer.</p>

<p>As for your grades, you should be set. I had a 3.25 gpa when i applied this past spring and i got accepted. While i did have a 3.25 gpa, the reason it was so low was because im horrible with science and got a C in that class while getting A's in the rest of my classes. </p>

<p>If you are a liberal arts major you should probably apply to Rose Hill, unless you are interested in international studies which is at LC. If you are applying to LC, you may run into the problem that there is not even close to enough housing at that campus, causing them to not accept as many transfer students there. Theres the same problem at RH with housing but it is not quite as bad. There are off-campus apartments owned by the university where most of the transfer students are placed. </p>

<p>Let me know if you need to know anything else</p>