Transfer chances?

<p>Hi! So, I'm applying to Grinnell (also probably Reed and Colorado College) as a transfer from Colby College. I plan on majoring in environmental science (I know Grinnell doesn't offer it as a major, but I would probably major in biology with a focus in environmental science or something). Unfortunately, my grades bombed this semester. I have a D (not sure the exact number) in intro bio, and I have a C (I think, I'm not entirely sure about this one either) in intro econ. I'm doing well in anthropology so far (B+) and philosophy (A). So, what are my chances?</p>


<p>White girl from New Jersey
1st semester freshman at Colby
GPA: terrible, probably a 2.5 or something
Extracurriculars: EnviroCo (the environmental club), organic gardening club, Amnesty International, EcoReps (environmental dorm representative), Outing Club officer</p>

<p>High school GPA: 4.0 weighted, 3.9 unweighted
APs: Language and Composition (got a 5 on the test), Statistics (5), Calc AB (4), Environmental Science (4), Literature and Composition (didn't take the test), US Government and Politics (didn't take the test)
SATs: 720 math, 690 CR, 700 writing (superscored)
National Merit Commended Scholar
National Honor Society (2 years)
French club, junior and senior year, treasurer
Environmental club, junior and senior year
Model World Health Organization, sophomore and junior year
Volunteered at a cat sanctuary two hours a week sophomore, junior, and senior year</p>

<p>Julester, since I imagine transfer apps aren't due for quite a while, if I were you, I'd do this: put my nose to the grindstone and do whatever it takes to pull up those grades with the time remaining in this semester. I have no idea if Grinnell, or those other schools, will take second semester into consideration, but same advice goes if they do....</p>

<p>I also hope that you'll take the time to find a few positives about Colby, and focus on those, rather than the negatives. You're there, so you might as well figure out something that will make your life more bearable. </p>

<p>If you do end up transferring, then you will likely have to repeat intro bio -- At Grinnell, there is a minimum grade (and I think it's a C) for a course to count towards the major. </p>

<p>I also hope that you'll take the time to do an overnight visit at whatever schools you get into, so you can get a realistic feel for the student body and temper your expectations appropriately.</p>

<p>Hang in there!</p>

<p>Hey Julester,</p>

<p>Transfer applications for spring 2012 were due November 1st, but applications for fal 2012 aren't due until April 1st (and you would hear a response on May 15th). This should give you plenty of time to pull up your grades, but keep in mind that the only college work on which you will be evaluated is your final grades from this semester and (optionally) your midterm grades from the spring semester.</p>

<p>Please keep in mind that the transfer process between LACs is competitive, and Grinnell usually matriculates 10 +/- 1 transfer students each semester. </p>

<p>SDonCC is dead on that you would have to repeat intro. biology if you get a D, since the minimum grade to get transfer credit at most schools (including Grinnell) is a C. I would just work as hard as possible to bring the D up to a solid C if that's still possible.</p>

<p>Well, I'm planning on taking a semester off after I'm done with this semester to get an internship (hopefully.) I realize that my bio grade is terrible, but I'm working on it. Thanks!</p>

<p>Do you have some thoughts about why it's been hard to keep your grades up in college when you didn't have this problem in high school? Do you need to reassess your ideas about a major?</p>