Transfer Chances

<p>I am a freshman at George Mason and am thinking about applying to Tech. I am trying to see how often they let students transfer in after just one year in college. I finished my first semester at Mason with a 3.75 gpa. Any help would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>I would call a transfer counselor in the Admissions Office. You probably have a good chance with those grades.</p>

<p>Transferring to VT is very competitive. Much more information is needed from you in order to determine your chances; like your major, intended major at VT, courses taken, etc. The most important aspect they look for is to see if you will complete the freshman math and english classes before transferring. (they rarely accept transfers who have only completed a semester)</p>

<p>Actually my GPA ended up being a 3.81, but I intend on applying for Pamplin for next fall. I completed freshman math and english in high school, so I already have the requirements for that. And I completed all the freshman business requirements at Mason, so I will be taking sophomore classes during my second semester.</p>