Transfer Chances?

<p>Current School: Penn State University, University Park
Entering as: Sophomore
High School GPA: Unweighted around 3.5, Weighted around 3.9 (Took basically all Honors/AP's)
College GPA: 3.88 (fall semester)
SAT/ACT Scores: 2200 (800 math, 710 reading, 690 writing)
SAT II Scores: 790 math II, 760 physics, 760 chemistry
Significant ECs: high school - lacrosse, physics olympics, math club, few more that I cannot think of
college - very active in Habitat for Humanity, was in Engineers Without Borders, but it was honestly pathetically run, no one ever did anything, am looking for other engineering related groups to join</p>

<p>So basically, in high school, I was lazy, plain and simple. I got a 2200 on my SATs without preparing and, being lazy, decided not to take classes and get an even better score. I had always been very advanced in math, and took AP Calculus BC as a sophomore in high school, and received a 5 on the AP exam. And then, I just got lazy. An unweighted 3.5 reflected my laziness, and honestly, I regret so much not trying harder. In college, I set all my laziness aside and began to work my ass off. Fall semester I like to think I took somewhat demanding courses like Math 230 (Calculus and Vector Analysis/Calculus III) and Math 220 (Linear Algebra), as well as Physics Mechanics, Macroeconomics, and Astronomy. I received all a's (except 2 a-'s in my math classes), which ended up giving me a 3.88 gpa. Also, I was wondering, do you send spring semester grades to colleges before they make their decisions? Next semester I plan on taking Math 251 (Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations), Physics 212 (Electricity and Magnetism), English 030 (Honors Composition), Engineering Design, Aerospace Engineering Seminar, and French, and I plan on getting at least a 3.8 gpa again (although I might have to drop French, because I was thinking of getting a part-time job, and 19 credits and a PT job might be too much). I plan on applying to some of the Ivy League schools, as well as MIT, Caltech, Carnegie, Duke, and some others possibly (applying to the engineering schools of all these schools). I am currently on Emory Conditional Transfer, so that is my safety and I need not apply to a school that I would rather go to Emory over.</p>

<p>During my fall semester, I was found in the presence of marijuana. I pled my case during an academic trial, and was found not responsible (aka not guilty). I am not sure I remember correctly (I'll call in to make sure), but this may still have put a Disciplinary Warning on my record, which freaking sucks because I had nothing to do with the marijuana (as you can imagine, no more partying for me after this point). So on the common app, I don't have to put anything about this because it asks if your on academic probation, which I am not, but I was more worried about the Dean Rec...will this cause the dean to give me a bad dean rec now when it asks about disciplinary action and stuff?</p>