Transfer chances?

<p>Ok I feel tacky for this, but realistically, do I have a shot?
Currently a freshman at a top-40 public university that is notorious for academic rigor; applying for sophomore status in fall of 2012. </p>

<p>High school credentials-
GPA: 4.359 W. Heavy IB & AP courseload.
SAT: 2070; 730W, 730CR, 610M (Yeah. I'm not retaking it at this point)
SAT IIs: 740 French, 660 Biology
- President of French National Honors Society
- French tutoring
- National French Competition (National Laureate)
- French exchange program
- volunteer service at animal shelter</p>

<p>College credentials-
GPA: 3.82. Fairly rigorous courseload (I just hope admissions officers will take into account the average GPA at this school is about 3.1)
- cartoonist for school newspaper
- staff writer for school newspaper
- DJ at school radio station
- volunteer service at animal shelter
- French club
- psychology club</p>

- Dean's List
- Principal's Honor Award (high school; two years in a row)
- IB diploma
- NFC National Laureate</p>

<p>Hook(s): URM, parental divorce</p>

<p>I plan on majoring in psychology and studying media in graduate school.
As stated above, I make comics. I plan on submitting a portfolio of these comics to admissions.</p>