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<p>I know these are more or less pointless, but I just want to know if it's worth applying. I'm from a top 20 LAC which has a reputation for tough grading and strong academics (getting a 4.0 is extremely rare). My GPA is about 3.65 and I had all tough classes, and was taking the maximum credit load. I worked as a tech consultant, did mock trial, and wrote for the school newspaper while here. I also did an internship with TED over the summer. I got awards for my excellent academic performance in high school and for my potential in the field of journalism. I should be able to get pretty strong faculty recommendations and have legit reasons for applying- a project that I'm working on (research) that would benefit from the resources at a place like Harvard. Also have mapped out plans for next summer. Will be applying to transfer in Fall 2015- what are my chances like? My SAT score in high school was 2160 (710 M 720 CR 730 WR) (I don't see the point of taking it again to bring it up) and my subject test scores were 750 Math Level II and 710 Literature. What do you think my chances are?
Catch- I'm an international student. Does this lower my chances?
Also, this is my first semester here. Which means if I get in, I'll be transferring into harvard first semester of my sophomore year.</p>


The below is a quote from Yale’s website. Harvard is just as competitive


<p>Harvard is more competitive. Its transfer acceptance rate is usually one-third or one-fourth of Yale’s, and Yale’s rate is usually around half of what Stanford’s freshman acceptance rate was this year.</p>

<p>You may want to look at this thread:</p>

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<p>Not a great transfer target school</p>

<p>2011 applicants = 1,486, admitted = 15</p>