Transfer Chances

I’m applying to: Yale, Columbia, NYU, UPenn, UCBerkeley, Brown
Might apply to: Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UCL

Accredited public uni
College GPA: 4.0
Consistently made Dean’s Honor list
Major: Finance with premed track

College Extracurriculars:

Founder and President of a club to help disabled students
part of a competitive dance team
Student Government Senator
Investment Club
Cultural Awareness Association
Several Pre-med clubs
Research with my professor (possible publication)
Shadowing doctors (over 50 hours)

*Planning to start a charity organization to raise funds to provide educational opportunities in my hometown (rural area) in india

Community Service: over 300 hours
Peer Tutoring
Volunteer at Hospital

Now here is my concern.

High School:

GPA UW: 2.7
SAT: 2080 (CR: 720 W: 690)
Multiple Extracurriculars
Some volunteering
All AP classes but I got bad grades

My Background:

I was raised by my relatives and I had a hard time accepting my parents after i moved to america. And due to culture shock, bullying at school and mental abuse from parents, i stopped trying. I suffered from depression and probably ADD and I just gave up on life and didn’t show interest towards anything. I tried to end my life several times but thankfully nobody knows about it. I don’t know what i was thinking but i was never able to get proper help from an adult.

Essay: Im thinking about writing about how a loved one died because of inattentiveness of the doctor and how the death shaped my life.

anyone? i really need advice guys

I’ve said this in your other threads, but let me say it a different way.

Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Brown, Harvard, Stanford, and MIT (and the rest of the ivies) all require transfer applicants to submit their high school transcript, AP test scores, and SAT/ACT scores, as well as their college transcript and a statement from your current college that you are in “good standing” – meaning all your bills have been paid. So all those schools will need to weigh your not so stellar high school career and your stellar college career.

In addition, it’s thought that about one-third (1/3) of the transfer admits to an ivy league school are recruited athletes. So do the math: At Yale, with about 24 transfer beds open (and over 1,000 applicants for those spots) about 16 spots go to students who did not have an athletic hook. At Harvard with about 12 transfer beds available (and over 1,500 applicants for those spots) about 8 go to students who did not have an athletic hook.

Virtually 100% of the non-athleticly hooked admits have off the chart transcripts and test scores in high school and a stellar college transcript. Given all the above, I think you’ve set your sights too high with those schools.

NYU, UCBerkeley and UCLA might be better choices, but they’re still going to wrap their head around your HS transcript and test scores. Best of luck to you!

I would say the opposite is true. I have very very similar stats in both college and high school, 4.0 and 2.7 respectively. It shows an upward trend that shows you are able to handle more challenging work. My main question would be are you applying for a Sophomore or Junior transfer? Schools will weigh your high school course work MUCH heavier if you have only completed one year of college work.

Also any Ivy is out of reach for even a “perfect” applicant. So just make sure you understand that and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get in. I would also recommend applying to Cornell it has the highest acceptance rate of all Ivy league schools.

UCLA and UCB do not consider your HS record since they only accept Junior level transfers. Here is a link for all the UC’s and the admitted transfer GPA by major: