transfer chances.

<p>i want to transfer to syracuse, but i dont know much about what admissions are like there, especially for transfers. heres my stats:</p>

<p>I am trying to transfer from a very small, private, liberal arts school in Texas with a philosophy and poli-sci major.</p>

<p>3.8 gpa (this is at my home school and does not include the GPA i have at community colleges from classes i've taken over the summer. if you average them all together its more like 3.7)</p>

<p>1270 SAT (old, without writing)</p>

<p>I am taking this year off of school and am living in California this semester to volunteer for the non-profit organization Invisible Children. Next semester i'll be going on tour (mid-atlantic!) to show a documentary to thousands of kids about a 20 year war thats been going on in Northern Uganda.</p>

<p>this past summer i volunteered at a congressional office. (kind of an internship, but i didnt get credit for it.) worked 40 hours a week at best buy and took 16 credit hours overall in school. CRAZY!</p>

<p>during school these were my ECs:
Founder and president of Young Democrats, we worked very closely with the community and we were all members of the county demoratic club as well.
Freshman Senator, which is an elected position on SGA.
i pledged and joined a sorority.
i was inducted into two honor societies as well as a leadership program and the honors program at my school.
i also took part in ethics bowl my first semester and was a member of chess club, but that was pretty informal.</p>

<p>also, my first semester i was on the provost's list (4.0 gpa) and the second semester i was on the dean's list (3.6 gpa)</p>

<p>Also, with all the summer school i've taken i completed 73 hours in the one year since i graduated high school. thats kind of why i needed to take a break, i also wasnt too sure what to do with my education, i really wanted to get out of texas and i really wanted to do something that prevented me from worrying about myself and getting into law school. hah</p>

<p>anyway, i dont know too much about syracuse admissions, i know a couple of people who have gotten in, but their situations are a little different than mine, so i was wondering if anyone here could help me, i didnt get into upenn after my first semester, so yeah, thought i could try this. maybe i'll apply to upenn again, but its so soon. ha.</p>

<p>sorry for the typos! its late!</p>

<p>I think you are a "shoe-in."</p>

<p>hey, wernt you the one that wrote the review about syracuse? i had a couple of questions for you. how do you rate the city of syracuse? also, how do you rate the landscaping the the campus. ie how physically appealing is the campus.</p>