TRANSFER : Community College -> NYU Steinhardt??

Please chance me into NYU Steinhardt as a transfer into the Applied Psychology program? Thank you!

Current School : Middlesex County College

Ethnicity : Latino / Hispanic Male

Unweighted GPA: 3.08 / 4

SAT: N/A (transferring as a junior, so they wouldn’t consider my standardized scores, only my transcript)

Employment: Family Support Specialist at a national, state-sponsored non-profit institute for people with autism / special needs / intellectual and developmental disabilities

NYU is first choice and my dream school, so I’m only applying to Steinhardt and a state school for safety. In the spring, I plan to take additional relevant coursework, and have my mid-semester grades / updated transcript by March 1st to NYU via common app for consideration.


A’s: Abnormal Psychology, Child Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Theories of Personality, Philosophy, Contemporary Social Problems English Comp II, Perspective on Sexual Identity, History of Western Civ I

B’s: Intro to Psychology, History of Western Civ II, Mysteries of Microbial World, English Comp I, Adolescent Psychology, Human Sexuality & Family Life, Public Speaking

C’s: Heredity, Evolution & Society, Elementary German

D/F: Computer Applications & Systems (three times, three different semesters)

One thing is I have a documented math-related learning disability, so I took some course equivalent classes which don’t count toward my cumulative GPA (these grades are followed by a Q) and sometimes took them multiple times, multiple semesters in a row, so that’s what the arrows indicate. There’s some improvement shown over time, but its evident that I struggle with this subject.

Basic Mathematics QW (first semester) -> Basic Mathematics QD (third semester) ->Basic mathematics QB (fourth semester) 

Algebra I QW -> Algebra I QW -> Algebra I QF -> Algebra I (pt A) QC+ -> Algebra I (pt B) QC

Algebra II QB




please check message :slight_smile: