Transfer credit : CSU; UC credit limitations

<p>I have 2 classes currently that say "Transfer credit : CSU; UC credit limitations", i was wondering how i could find out if this classes count towards my UC credits. the first class is BUS-28A Business LAW 1, and also BIOL-10 Concepts in Biology. The question of credibility leans more towards the Biology class because i wanted to use that on my IGETC. Any info on this would be great!</p>

<p>bump plssss</p>

<p> will tell you if the classes are transferable for your major. As far as IGETC goes, my guess is that a limited transfer course will fulfill IGETC requirements, which seems to be what you need, but be useless to you otherwise. </p>

<p>If you take a look at your school's UC course transfer list on Assist, which includes these limited courses, you'll find this:</p>

This agreement lists courses transferable for unit credit at all UC campuses. It is based on information from the 2009-10 catalog and is valid for the current academic year listed at the top of this agreement. Courses marked with "UC-"will satisfy the five areas of the 1998 transfer course requirements. (E =English, M = Math, H = Humanities, B = Behavioral and Social Sciences, S = Biological and Physical Sciences)


<p>I'm somewhat in the same boat and will be double checking with my school's counselors, but it makes sense from what I've researched.</p>

<p>I've taken a class that said that and when I met with my counselor they said it transfer but did not count as IGETC. The limitations were you could not take this other similar class and get credit for both.</p>

<p>ok i just checked out assist, and looked up the class, i guess the limitiation of the Biol-10 class is "1 and 10, 10L combined: maximum credit, 4 units No credit for 1 or 10 if taken after 50" so i guess what this means is that 10 WILL count on my IGETC because i havent taken 50. i think the first part just means that you cant use biol 1,10, and 10 for 8 units the max is 4 units. my guess they did this because the classes are pretty much the same.</p>

<p>That makes sense actually. Looks like you're in the clear!</p>