Transfer Credit for Pass/Fail Courses at Harvard

<p>Does anyone know whether Harvard ordinarily gives credit for pass or fail courses taken at a transfer student's previous college? One of the classes I took last semester was a pass or fail one; I'm wondering if it'll be recognized by the university. Thank you!</p>

<p>Calling H would be your best move. H only started accepting transfers again this last fall, and there were no successful applicants here on CC, so no one here is likely to be able to answer your question with any certainty.</p>

<p>Are you really going to be concerned whether or not they give you credit if you're accepted ;)?</p>

<p>Entomom, the thing is, I will only have completed six credit courses by the end of first year (I'm not lazy; that's just the system over here xD). So if the pass/fail course doesn't count for anything, my application will be deemed ineligible. Harvard says it can't tell me anything with certainty unless I apply, and that therefore I'll "need to decide whether I want to apply on the chance that I won't be eligble." That's why I'm wondering if there's any hope at all.</p>

<p>If H can't tell you, what makes you think someone here can?</p>

<p>Apparently they don't have an absolute rule about P/NP courses or they would have told you that when you called. Given that they can't give you an answer, would any comment you get here be credible? I think not.</p>

<p>Personal experience, of course.
It would simply be reassuring to know that there have been Harvard transfer applicants who have received credit for pass/fail courses taken at other schools.</p>

<p>I don't know the answer to your question, however the is a difference between completed courses and transferable credits. H might consider that you have completed 6 courses for admissions purposes, but only give you 5 courses towards your H degree program.</p>

<p>Oh, okay. My concern for now is what it'll consider for admission purposes, then. I don't want to apply if the admissions officers are going to chuck my application outright because of one thing that I couldn't help.</p>