Transfer Credit Questions

I’m going into my junior year of high school and am currently enrolled in a class at my community college. I will probably be taking one or two classes both the summer after my junior year and the summer after my senior year, and as I’m seriously considering St. Mary’s, I’m wondering which ones would be most advantageous to take. Could someone with recent experience at St. Mary’s give me a little insider information on their transfer credit policy? I’m especially interested in the following:

  1. Will they consider online classes from an accredited community college for transfer credit? I know some places have policies that disqualify online classes.

  2. What is their dual enrollment credit policy?

  3. For a freshman, can transfer credits fulfill the Sophia Program requirements or not? I know the website says that transfer credit will generally be elective credit, but are there exceptions to this? For example, both my community college and St. Mary’s have an Introduction to Theatre course. If I took this at my community college and transferred it to St. Mary’s, is it possible that it could fulfill my Arts for Living requirement?

Thank you!

You ought to reach out to the admissions office and ask them those questions. Saint Mary’s is very helpful and when I went there I went to summer school in my hometown to lighten my course load. So I’m pretty sure they are good with you taking courses to meet their general requirements. But definitely talk to them and see what courses you can take. Good luck!!

My daughter used a CC class to satisfy her Sophia requirement but it was taken between her soph and junior year.