Transfer Credit

<p>If I wanted to take a class at a different University to get transfer credit for my major at Northeastern, can I do this? Its for a class I'm currently taking that I'm planning to drop.</p>

<p>No. Northeastern will only accept transfer credits from programs abroad as part of pre-approved study abroad programs, and if you are admitted as a transfer student to begin with. If you are a current student, no. They actually get pretty mad about it.</p>

<p>... wait really? even for just one class over the summer?</p>

<p>Yeah. Like go ahead and take it if you want, just put it on your resume as a different school. But don't take it expecting Northeastern to transfer it in.</p>

<p>I don't know what neuchimie is talking about.. Northeastern is REALLY GOOD about accepting transfer credits. This is a link to all of the MANY institutions and courses that are pre-approved for transfer:</p>

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<p>And if you find a course that you think is equivalent but is not on this list, just talk to your advisor about it and you can probably get it approved. I personally took two courses at two separate institutions while on co-op, and both transferred for NEU credit (Bio 1 for Engineering [BIOL1115] and Probability & Statistics [MATH3081]). The bio course was pre-approved via the link I included, and I got the stats course approved by my advisor and the math department.</p>

<p>The site that you posted is for ENTERING students so that they can get an idea of how the classes they've already taken while students at another school will transfer into Northeastern credit once they are admitted. The site is from the Admissions website, which should have given you a hint. </p>

<p>Below is the university's official policy on taking outside courses. Usually, it's very difficult. A lot of majors won't even let you take non-elective classes towards your major during study abroad, nevermind at other schools without set programs. Jekel on the other hand is the most chill advisor ever, and will give you permission to do anything you want. But there are plenty of students who take courses at Harvard Extension because it's way cheaper than overloading, and then are never able to get them transferred back to Northeastern.</p>

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<p>"Transfer Credits for Current Students
Once they matriculate, students are expected to complete all course work for their degree at Northeastern, or an entity in a formal contractual, consortial, or partnership relationship with Northeastern, or at an approved study-abroad program. In some cases, in order to clear a deficiency, to permit students access to courses deemed by their respective advisors and colleges to be important for their education but unavailable to them at Northeastern, or to remain on track for graduation, a student may petition their college for permission to take a course at another accredited institution. With the approval of the college academic advisor and the graduate school offering the courses, students may take courses in Northeastern’s graduate schools. Students who wish to take courses at another institution and transfer the credit to Northeastern must obtain prior approval from the college academic advisor. The Office of the Registrar validates accredited institutions to ensure credit transferability. The student must earn a C (2.000) or better for a course to be considered for transfer. Students are responsible for providing documentation on the institution’s accreditation, course grading, and course descriptions prior to approval."</p>

<p>And this was almost a year old, but good for you for searching back through pages and pages of threads and posting once just to prove you could.</p>

<p>The site that I posted is relevant to anyone who wants to take courses at another institution and get credit at Northeastern. Any advisor will point you to this site if you want to take some courses at a community college over the summer, at a different college while on co-op, etc. The link that you posted clearly states "..or an entity in a formal contractual, consortial, or partnership relationship with Northeastern..", i.e. the colleges listed on the transfer equivalency website. I've successfully transferred credits to Northeastern from three other institutions (courses taken after being a matriculated NEU student), which is a completely different experience than what you portrayed here. I just felt it was necessary to update this thread with correct information based on my experience.</p>

<p>Also, I have no idea why you think I searched through "pages and pages of threads" and posted "just to prove * could". This is one of the first links that comes up when "northeastern university transfer credit" is searched on google, and I felt that it needed to be updated to be more accurate for when another student stumbles across it when searching for information about transferring credit.</p>