Transfer Decision Deadline Approaching Help!

Hey guys I know have posted about this before. I am still waiting to hear from USC but in case I don’t get in I have to choose between UCSB for Pre-Econ and Accounting or CSULB Business Admin with an emphasis on Accountancy. The thought of not getting the B in Econ 10A terrifies me because I wouldn’t get into the full major and probably leave UCSB and be behind. I would end up probably at CSULB after that anyways. Do I take the risk and go to UCSB for the experience and the prestige or play it safe and go to CSULB? Help! I love accounting but wasn’t in love with Econ. I want to get my CPA and get recruited by the big 4 and maybe teach accounting eventually. I forgot to mention I got into the CSULB honors program though.