Transfer Decisions

<p>I applied as international transfer a long time ago and still no answer for me. its making me nervous since i have to reply other colleges who already accepted me such as uiuc.</p>

<p>and most people already heard back but still no decision for me and i dont know when i will hear. </p>

<p>is there anyone who hasnt heard either??</p>

<p>I havent heard since they put my application on hold for grades. Just sent them in yesterday. Fingers crossed! I would give them a call and ask them though.</p>

<p>fall grades or spring grades??</p>

<p>Spring grades. I sent my fall grades in with the application.</p>

<p>hmm my spring classes are not over yet and i cant wait till they are over because final exams will be finished at 11th of june so it will be too late.. i hope they are not expecting spring grades to make decision..</p>

<p>Best of luck to you, I just found out that I am into Michigan Engineering after one year! I am so excited to be going to AA in the fall :D Never been happier to be a Wolverine!</p>