transfer. drop out.

<p>hello dear parents, i am an international student and have a question concerning the term transfer student. if i once attended a college in my home country more than two years but then voluntarily drop out, may i apply as a freshman to yale and princeton? also, does yale for example consider specific cases when a student is only a nominal transfer(i would be grateful if you read my case in my thread in international forum, cannot attach a link) ?</p>

<p>No, once you have started at a college you are always a transfer unless you were not a matriculated student such as one taking classes while in HS.</p>

<p>Not necessarily. When my S had an opportunnity to enroll full-time at the state flagship U's honor program when he was in 10th grade I asked a couple of top tier admissions officers if, when he became a little older and perhaps wanted to go to school out-of-state (and not live at home), how it would affect his chances for admission. Both said applying as a freshman would be better than as a transfer student even though he would have left HS and would have had nearly 2 years of college work completed. (He decided to stay in HS.) The moral is, call and ask.</p>

<p>here`s link to the thread about my case. i would appreciate any comments, thanks
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