Transfer during the Spring Semester?

<p>I am scheduled to graduate this December and was looking to transfer to to a University. I was interested in some top universities, but realized they don't accept spring transfers..Does anybody know of any that accepts transfers for the spring....</p>

<p>More specifically for legal studies or criminal justice majors...</p>

<p>I don't quite understand, are you graduating from HS in Dec? If so, why are you applying as a transfer since you won't have attended college post-HS by spring semester, why not apply as a fr?</p>

<p>probably from cc..</p>

<p>vassar, cornell, emory, northwestern are the ones off the top of my head that take spring transfers</p>

<p>there are a bunch of threads that have lists of them if you can search for them</p>

<p>Northeastern is tier 1 and they take spring transfers. Though, I'm not sure in general if its easier or harder to transfer into the spring than the fall.</p>