Transfer EC Questions

<p>Just a quick question. At my current school I was a Resident Assistant and an Orientation Leader, do you know how these would weigh in the transfer admissions process at all? My initial concern was that it might show a passion to the current school which would raise concern about my reasons for transfer. My essays clearly outline my reasons for t-fer and my making the best of a bad situation so I think that I will be fine.
Just wondering if anyone had any insight to how these might affect my transfer candidacy. Thanks.</p>

<p>I don't think it would weigh negatively on you at all. Colleges don't want to accept students who sat around and moped at their last school because they were determined not to like it there. They want to see students who gave it their best shot, got involved, did the best they could, and then came to the conclusion it just wasn't going to work out. By holding a leadership position at your current school, I think you've definitely put yourself in a good place. Good luck!</p>