transfer essay - how to go about 'why transfer'

<p>most of the threads here seem to indicate the 'why transfer' essay should be about the school you want to go to. which is great and all - except the 'why transfer' essay is the prompt on the common app, which i can't change, and i'm applying to multiple schools. most of the schools have a supplement with a 'why x' essay, which is where i'll put the information about that school's specific advantages, programs, etc.</p>

<p>so does anyone have any ideas about how to go about the GENERAL why transfer essay, with that in mind? right now i'm just trying to be general but discuss why my current school isn't working for me (without criticizing it - i simply want a smaller school with a campus, so, voila.)</p>

<p>What you said that you are doing right now sounds good to me.</p>

<p>I transferred schools many milennia ago. I think you are right on the mark as far as walking the line, not wanting to criticize current school in your transfer app. Name a few talents going underdeveloped at present school that matches resources/strengths of potential new school.</p>