Transfer Fall 2008

<p>Did anybody who applied as a transfer get their admission decission yet? I am getting really nervous!</p>

<p>I'm still waiting. I wonder why they take so long compared to the other CSUs I applied to (Pomona, Fullerton, SDSU) who have already given me their decisions.</p>

<p>I talked to them a couple days ago and they said they only started working on transfer applications since last week (making decisions). So I hope we find out really soon!</p>

<p>I got accepted over a month ago. I applied on November 15, if that makes a difference.</p>

<p>Cool, Finky! I applied as international student, some of my work is outside of the US. But right now I have been finishing the rest of my GenEd at community college. So, I guess it makes my case more "complicated". Also, I applied on the first day the application became available and they evaluated my foreign work pretty fast. Hopefully I will hear from them soon.
Are you planning to attend? What is your major?
Best wishes.</p>

<p>Long Beach is my 4th choice. I applied to a couple of private schools and UCLA. Poli Sci is not as strong at LB, so the other schools look better on a law school app.</p>