Transfer Fall 2020 — Clark University

Hi everyone!

I hope y’all doing great amidst what’s going on in the world right now — COVID 19.

I plan on transferring to Clark University this coming fall as an incoming junior (hopefully my credits will be transferable). However, I do have a couple questions about the entire process before I have my hopes high:

  1. From, I see they have a pretty average transfer acceptance rate ~ 43%, more or less. Does it mean, they do not care about the Major you are transferring into or each major has its own acceptance rate?

  2. Once accepted (fingers crossed), I plan on committing as a math major, how rigorous is the math program in preparation for graduate school? I’m leaving my current school because they do not have enough upper level classes that are prerequisites for most competitive graduate school programs. Please, anyone with answers to this question would be greatly appreciated.

  3. since I come from a low-income family, my major concern is their generosity on their financial aid packages for incoming transfer students? Anyone with any idea on whether Clark is a self-declared need blind, or need sensitive/aware?

Thank you ??