<p>I was a little confused about some of the BFA MT programs. They say that you cannot transfer in, but does that mean if I've completed a year of college my credits won't be taken, or that I'm just declared as a freshman? I hope that makes sense. I'm at a state school hoping to transfer to a more prestigious school, and was wondering if my credits would count if they don't take "transfer" students. Thankss in advance.</p>

<p>like Emerson?</p>

<p>yeah....that depressed me when I read it.</p>

<p>There's a transfer thread below, you might want to ask our question there.</p>

<p>if they say "we don't accept transfers into the BFA program" it usually means that you won't be considered. you're not allowed to "throw away" the credits you've earned, so unless you can find some way to work it out with the school (which i've found there usually isn't) -- you're either going to have to audition for a BA at that school (if they offer it) or you'll have to take it off your list. </p>

<p>many BFA programs accept transfers if you will start over in their program. this means that some of your liberal arts credits may transfer, but your acting/voice/dance classes probably won't. you'll be in the same BFA classes as the freshmen, though you'll probably take higher-level academic classes outside of the BFA program.</p>

<p>i hope that answers your question!</p>

<p>Also, rather than generalize, though it does help to have some idea (thanks Sporti!), it is best to call each college on your list and inquire specifically because these things differ from school to school and you will want to make sure on this before you decide which schools you wish to consider further.</p>

<p>I agree that calling each school is essential. My d went to an audition for a school that took transfers and was told after getting there that while, yes, they did accept transfers, they took people only if there were "spaces" after the traditional-age auditions. With 800 auditioning, the idea of having any spaces "left over" seemed far-fetched. Also clarify if they mean transferring after freshman year; my d transferred after sophomore year and it seemed to be a disadvantage.....</p>