Transfer from 4-year insititution

<p>Currently I heard that applicants from other 4-year institution have the last priority among all applicants. Is that true?
I am transferring from an out-of-state university. If that is the case, I really do not think I have any chances getting into the Cal even though I am a california resident ..
So frustrating...</p>

<p>not sure if "LAST" but I know UCs give priority to CCC students.</p>

<p>If there are two types of applicants, students from CCCs, students not from CCCs,
that definitely means LAST..
Also, I believe people transfer from other UCs may have greater chance than me..
I just feel so hopeless even though I got 4.0 in my major GPA.</p>

<p>you shouldn't lie to yourself. There is nothing you can do, 4.0 is the max achievement that you can get. Why do you wanna push yourself so hard? you definitely get in, just finish prereq and have a great essay.</p>

4.0 looks good for most major but not econ..
I have to compete with other 4.0s from CC and that is so frustrating...
Maybe you are right.
nothing I can do now with my application. perhaps I should just get relaxed and optimistic..</p>