Transfer From ACC to UT!!!

<p>So I applied to UT Austin and got deferred to a UT sister school, UT San Antonio, for a year and was allowed admittance to UT with a 3.2 under the CAP program. Sadly I made a 3.13 cumulative for the first year. I am looking to transfer to ACC, then hopefully get into UT by Spring 2011 or even Fall 2011. I will be taking summer classes and assuming I get all As at ACC, then my summer and fall semester GPA would be around a 3.4 or 3.5. IF I was to go towards the biomedical engineering route for UT then, what are my chances of getting in at the end of the first semester with that GPA?? Also, I have 40 credit hours transferring from UTSA to ACC and so when I reach UT I may have over 60 hours. Will that affect my chances??</p>

<p>Possible back up plans??? I'm just stressing bad.</p>

<p>My extra-circulars include interning with a surgeon, holding a few jobs throughout high school (retail, referee, housing office staff), involved and soccer, and have studied abroad.</p>

<p>I'm in the EXACT same situation as you were. I just finished my CAP year but got a 3.1, I'm probably going to transfer to ACC in the fall, but I was wondering how this worked out for you and if it really is better to transfer into UT from ACC then somewhere else.</p>

<p>What is ACC?</p>

<p>Austin Community College.</p>