Transfer from CC after 1 year

<p>Has anyone here transferred after 1 year at a Community College? If so, did you utilize the MTAP program?</p>

<p>The reason I ask is the MTAP program requires you to have 30 credits to transfer, but I am unsure as to what exactly that means. I'm taking 18 this semester, and am looking at another 18 in the Spring. Do you need to have 30 COMPLETED credits to utilize the program, or can you go through the motions with more than half, but registered for the other half (so 36 by the end of Spring, fulfilling the 30-credit requirement)?</p>

<p>I graduated High School over 8 years ago, so I don't exactly remember what my GPA was (I think around 3), or even if those grades would be accepted being so long ago.</p>