Transfer from CS-LSA to CS-Eng: Freshman

I’ve just committed to UMich as an LSA student who plans to major in Computer Science. Is there any possibility that I could switch to the Computer Science major in the College of Engineering before the semester begins?

First look at this and decide why you want to do that…

If you still want to I believe you can do it as a cross campus transfer after completing…

Your application has to be submitted by February 1st of your freshman year if not waiting till your sophomore year.

My son is in the same situation (admitted to LSA, thinking Engineering is probably the better fit) but he’s deferring admission until Fall 2019 to do a gap year program. I can’t figure out whether he can apply for the switch before he arrives on campus (to get assigned an engineering advisor immediately) or if he has to do his first semester in LSA. Anyone?

First year as LSA. Basically the same basic courses as engineering. Also it depends on what AP you have that count. Then do a cross campus transfer into engineering. Forms needs to be submitted by February 1st.

My son just did this. Applied a week prior to February 1st and was accepted on February 1st

You can also email /call engineering to get clarification.

Thanks, @Knowsstuff - did your son talk to an advisor in the engineering school or was his LSA advisor prepared to help him select his courses with an eye to transferring? My son expects/hopes to have AP credit for calculus, physics and computer science.

Actually both. The LSA advisors all are familiar with kids doing cross campus transfers. It is very common. But word of caution, they kept giving him the wrong date to transfer and they did mix up cross campus transfer with transfer from outside of michigan. Not on purpose but its a big difference. Call/email engineering now to get the facts straight and just remember that February 1st is when the application is due. Talk to them know about what AP will transfer. I think “5” due depending on major but talk to them. Good luck.

Thanks so much, @Knowsstuff - fortunately, we have a year’s head start (he’s doing a gap year and will enroll in fall 2019) but he will talk to advisors in both schools and for sure will not miss the Feb 1 deadline! We did find the AP guidelines for the engineering school.

@knock00 awesome. Sorry, I just noticed I can’t text and walk at the same time… Sorry about the mistakes.