Transfer from Loyola to SJU

I am a freshman at Loyola MD. I have not had a great freshman year. I have joined clubs, put myself out there, got an on-campus job, and more, but I have found very few people who I click with, and feel I’m too far from home. I’m looking to transfer to St. Joe’s to be closer to home and hopefully find a better fit. I really like the academics and campus of Loyola, and St. Joe’s seems to be very similar in that regard.

Is their transfer program effective? Do credits transfer there to a reasonable degree? If anyone has any advice/experience on transferring to St. Joe’s, I would love to hear it.

No advice on transferring, but interested in your decision to leave Loyola. My HS senior is considering Loyola and SJU. My sense is that Loyola is smaller and a bit clicky. We did not get that feeling at SJU. Wishing you all the best!

mcdana, I have actually decided in the past few weeks to stay at Loyola. I had made some pretty bad friends who were draining to be around, and I was lumping that in with my opinion of the school. I have met some other people since then and feel much better about the school as a whole. It can be a little clicky here, but there are good, genuine people (you just may need to look a little harder for them). Academically, Loyola has been great and I have loved all my classes and most of my professors so far. It was tough before I had met these new, better people, but now that I have things have gotten a lot better. Good luck to your senior!