Transfer from Rutgers to UPITT

<p>Hi, I'm an upcoming freshman for Fall 2010, and I was wondering what my chances were if I were to transfer from Rutgers - Newark to UPITT? I plan on doing my first year at Rutgers then transferring to UPITT sophomore year. I'll try my best to keep my grades up at Rutgers, but if that's not enough, I'll give you my high school stats as well. I heard that UPITT likes transfers, but I was just wanted another opinion. </p>

<p>Here are my high school stats:</p>

<p>High School GPA: 3.3(unweighted), 3.9 (weighed)
Class Rank: 45/306
Highest SAT: 1710/2400
Highest ACT: 25/36</p>

<p>High School Activities:</p>

<li>Marching Band</li>
<li>Concert Orchestra (Sophomore Year: Co-Section Leader)</li>
<li>Symphony Orchestra
(Junior Year: Co-Section Leader & Librarian, Senior year: Section Leader & Head Librarian)</li>
<li>Honors Chamber Orchestra (Section Leader)</li>
<li>NEHS (National English Honors Society)</li>
<li>NHS (National Honors Society) - Corresponding Secretary for Junior and Senior Year</li>
<li>Tri-M Music Honors Society</li>
<li>Peer Tutor</li>

<p>I also held a job as a private tutor during my senior year.</p>

<p>why do you think you'll want to transfer?</p>