transfer from SD

<p>hi im currently a freshman attending UCSD, and im really intent on trasnferring out of here, most preferrably to i was wondering what are the chances of this actualy happening, and more importantly, what wil UCLA be looking for in my app? is it like highschool again where its all ur gpa, or will they need a reason/explanation for why i want to transfer? </p>

<p>thanks a lot guys for ur help</p>

<p>You need to figure out your major and get as many lower divs done as you can with a high gpa. </p>

<p>GPA and course completion are the most important things, everything else is extra. You might want to work your reason for transferring into your essays if possible, but it might not be if they change the questions (or really, even with the current questions, I don't really remember). </p>

<p>It's harder to transfer UC->UC than it is CC->UC, but it's still possible and plenty of people do it. I'd suggest checking out the transfer forum and doing a search on UC to UC transfers.</p>

<p>you should have to to CCC...btw what's wrong with SD :rolleyes:</p>

<p>lol citan, you always bear the most positive news.</p>

<p>thanks guys for ur input</p>

<p>btw whats CCC...i dont get citan's post..probably why i didnt get into LA in the first palce</p>

<p>California Community College</p>