Transfer from Stern within NYU?

<p>I found this on the Undergraduate Admissions site at NYU:</p>

<p>"Please note that the Leonard N. Stern School of Business will not consider for transfer admission students who enter NYU by transferring into another NYU school or college."</p>

<p>Does this mean that Stern will not accept any transfers from students who are, lets say, at Gelatin or CAS because they went there at NYU?</p>

<p>I found the statement here:</p>

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<p>I also found this right now:</p>

<p>Current undergraduate students who wish to transfer to another school or college within NYU must complete an application to be considered. To be eligible for internal transfer you must be in at least your second semester of consecutive full-time study at your current NYU school or college. Students who have previously applied for an internal transfer and been denied admission must wait one full academic year before becoming eligible to re-apply for an internal transfer to any NYU school or college. Students who have already completed an internal transfer must wait one full academic year before becoming eligible to re-apply for another internal transfer. Students in the General Studies Program should consult with their advisor to determine their eligibility for internal transfer.</p>

<p>There is no application fee for internal transfers. You may submit only one application for internal transfer at a time. Completed applications should be returned to the Undergraduate Admissions Processing Center at 22 Washington Square North. Applications submitted after the deadlines below will be at a disadvantage in the admissions process.</p>

<p>Please note that while the admissions office will make every attempt to provide an admissions decision in a timely fashion, it may not be possible to provide the decision in time to complete early registration in your new school or college. </p>

<p>From here: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>So does this go against the other transfer statement that I originally posted? I assume this one is correct because it's labeled "Internal Transfers" instead of just "Transfers". Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks!</p>

<p>I have no information other than the statements that you posted. But, to me, that first statement means if you transfered to any school in NYU other than Stern from another (not NYU) school, you may not transfer from that other school in NYU to Stern. So if you transfered from Penn St to NYU CAS you cannot transfer again to go to Stern. If you applied as a freshman to NYU CAS and were accepted you can apply to transfer to Stern.</p>

<p>that's the same meaning i got from it. Basically, you can't transfer twice.</p>

<p>Ahh, okay. Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>I'm currently an incoming NYU student in Global Studies Program.
I originally applied to NYU CAS and was rejected; But was later offered GSP.
I decide to accept GSP offer, and try to transfer to NYU stern during later date.</p>

<p>Is this possible and if so what's the chance of it happening? (assuming i have good GPA and work hard)</p>