transfer from Trinity (CT)?

<p>I am currently hating my freshman experience at Trinity, looking to transfer to a much larger institution of similar academic quality. Academically I am doing phenomenal thusfar, so the gpa requirements shouldn't be too much of an issue. I was waitlisted at Cornell first go around, so I am pretty much just curious as to how competitive their transfer process is and my chances comming from a well regarded school like Trinity. Ideally I would like to enroll for the spring semester of this year.</p>

<p>Two things: your college GPA and your essays will be key. Also, don't denigrate Trinity in your application, but say that it's the wrong place for you. Go on line and get to know the transfer coordinator within the school at Cornell you're applying to; he/she will be your advocate in the admissions office. Spring transfer is tough for a freshman, not impossible, but you may have to stick it out for the year. You can find out the transfer stats on the Cornell website. BTW, Cornell likes a 3.5 GPA in its transfers. You need to get started now.</p>