transfer from tulane

<p>Hi, I am currently a freshman at Tulane and I am looking into transferring. My current college gpa is 3.45 and my high school gpa was 3.5. I took 7 APs in high school and got a 4 or 5 on six of them. I played basketball and volleyball and did a lot of community service. In college, I am part of a community service organization. I am looking at transfering to Villanova or Georgetown, but I feel like those are a reach. I got into Villanova early action in high school. I don't like the atmosphere at Tulane and want to be closer to home (from Boston). Any advice on if I could get in or any other schools to transfer to would be appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>also I have a little bit of legacy at Georgetown (sister and cousin)</p>

<p>Georgetown may be too much of a reach. They will require your high school transcripts and SAT. Villanova is more of a match.</p>

<p>I think AU, BU, GWU and NYU are also realistic.</p>

<p>G'town will be a reach. Nova will likely accept you.</p>

<p>However, if you need financial aid to attend, do not cut ties with Tulane until you've seen your FA pkgs. Transfer students often don't get much in aid.</p>

<p>But, if your parents will pay full freight, then no worries about that.</p>